Commemorative Cover of the Founding of Ge Xiaoxing Cigarette Packs and Smoking Set Museum
Cigarette packs,matchbox,wine brand mark and postage stamp are called as "Four Art Works",having an internationality.
In the development of modern social history, "Four Art Works" has a deep action to the economy and culture of erery country. XiaoXin was selected in the Guinness Book of Records in April 1996. Up to now,he has established the relations with the collectors from 117 countries and areas in the world.He has collected about 97400 sorts in different cigarette packs.Mr.Ge Xiaoxin has been praised as a world famous artist of collecting cigarette packs in world.
Ge Xiaoxin Cinese and Foreign Cigarette Packs and Smoking Set Museum was established by approval of National Cultural Relic Bureau and the related departments.It marks an international level of collecting cigarette packs in China.
The people all over the world will promote the love snf friendship each other through collection and are in pursuit of mankind peace and progression.