Tobacco is native Central and South America.It has been spread to Europe and then to the rest of the word gradually since the first sail back from America in 1429.Tobacco was introduced into China around the mid to late 16thCenture.
     Along with today's constant devoping and expanding of culture and museum  undertaking,and the cultural relic collections incresing in the museums,Ge Xianoxing's museum has had more than 130000 various kinds of Chinese & Foreign cigarette packs with different appearances of pictures,and more than 3000 kinds of different countries's smoking sets in five broad headings:snuff bottles,hookas,long-stemmed chinese pipes,tobacco pipes and cigarette sets.

    The cigarette packs and smoking sets displaying in GeXiaoxing chinese & Foreign Cigarette Packs and smoking sets museum are a few parts of his cultural relics collected in 30years .limited by the condition,though all of the relics collected in the museum cannot be showed to personalities of various circles,these exhibitings are however enorgh to etel us that the cigarette pcaks and smoking sets have been an exhibit in the history of tobacco development and the epiton of tobacco culture the more important thing is that the museum should be push into market while the cultural cause is developing and the quality of cultural realics collectin the museum is impreved.italos can directly or indirectly play an important role in developing social productivity,raising the public taste,improving the human living enviroment and developing tourism market.then our cultural cause can marke more progersses.

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