According to the record of historical materials, tobacco was introduced to our country in Wanli Year of Ming Dynasty(1573-1620).Since then,it has had more than four hundred years of planting tobacco in our country.The cigarette industry appeared in the end of last century, and so far it has developed for more than one hundred years.
The cigarette packs and smoking sets displayed in the Museum are the treasures of those showing their style and favour in different times and regions.The display not only approves the art of Mr.Ge Xiaoxin's collecting cigarette Packs for thirty years,but also represents the existence and development of tobacco culture.It tells us the developing history of Chinese and foreign tobacco industry and makes us know the art of different cirgarette packs, its aesthetic value and characteristics in different times.With understanding the essential expression of commodity economy in different times.With understanding the essential today's economic activity.

Furthermore,it is important that the founding of the museum fills in gaps in our tobacco industry and gives a proof of more than one hundred years'history of developing tobacco industry in our country.   

Ge Xiaoxing Chinese and Foreign Cigarette Packs and Smoking Sets Museum
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