The maximum collection of cigarette packs & appliance
Mr.Ge Xiaoxing,male,who was born in Changzhou,Jiangsu in Jan,1953.
    Ge Xiaoxing has collected sino-foreign cigarette packs and appliance for 32 years,has established exchange relationship with cigarette packs collection organizations and collectors of 118 countries and regions in the world.
    The collected sino-foreign Cigarette packs with different pictures were 92400 kinds before Apr.1994 by Mr.Ge Xiaoxing,which was recorded in"World Guiness Record",and remained this record until now.The quantity of different sino-foreign cigarette packs collection with different pictures is 110000 kinds at present time.There have monograph reports by 72 television stations ,168 newspapers and magazines both in China and abroad for it.
    Mr.Ge Xiaoxing published the first¡¶The Appreciation of Chinese and foreign Cigarette packs¡·in China cooperated with Chinese Encyclopaedia Publishing House in Nov.1995.
    Approved by Post and Telecommunications authority,Mr.Ge Xiaoxing published one set of Post Cards which were ten different pictures,reflecting the situations of different historical periods in the New Year's Day of 1998,which was the first case in China.
Mr.Ge studies the rise and fall of tobacco culture through the collection of cigarette packs and application,writing and publishing many articles of ¡¶Tobacco Culture¡·¡¢¡¶The applying value of cigarette packs¡·¡¢¡¶The treasure of Tobacco¡·¡¢¡¶Trading Mark¡·¡¢¡¶The interest of cigarette packs¡·¡¢¡¶The guide for collection of cigarette packs¡·,etc.He was also chosen in twenty one dictionaries of ¡¶The world celebrity Recond¡·¡¢¡¶The world Celebrity Biography¡·¡¢¡¶Chinese collectors Dictionary¡·¡¢¡¶Chinese Figures¡·¡¢¡¶The collection of Steles of Chinese Figures¡·¡¢¡¶The collectors of the Loth Century¡·¡¢¡¶Chinese Figures of 100 years¡·¡¢¡¶Chinese Experts and Scholars Dictionary¡·etc.Meanwhile,he is the chief editor¡¢vice chied editor of some dictionaries and the consultant and council member of some collection organizations.
    Approved by National,Provincial and civic authorities,Mr.Ge set up the first private museum in China¡ª¡ª"Gexiaoxing Sino-Foreign Cigarette packs & Appliance Museum",meanwhile,publishing one set of the Post First Day cover for commemoration at the same time.
Published by Chinese Wencai Audiovisual Video Publishing CO.on Jan.30,2000,issuing the first VCD disk "The maximum collection of Mr.Ge xiaoxing"in China.
Established the first website:http://www.gexiaoxing for cigarette packs and appliance museum in china in Apr.2000.
    Mr.Ge was pointed by chinese National Tobacco monopoly Administration and Chinese Tobacco Association to suopply all of cigarette packs pictures and writings,editing the book of¡¶Special collectilon of Cigarette Packs¡·,Which was published by Present Era World Publishing House in Jun,2001.
     Mr.Nanshan Zhu Guangming the present of USA world celebrity cutural Research Centre,and the director of USA world celebrity Academy of Sciences presented the decoration and the certificate and trophy cup of the maximum collection of cigarette packs to Mr.Ge Academician on Apr.26,2002 in Shanghai.
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